RISE is about young people taking action in their lives and the lives of their community.

It’s a youth led approach that enables young people to work alongside our coaches and mentors to help set and move towards achieving realistic
long-term ambitions.

R.I.S.E – Sport
A chance to play a variety of sports in a relaxed and social environment with our sports coaches. Sports on offer include football, basketball, tennis, dodgeball – just to name a few! The sports you would like to do form the sessions across the weeks and you have the choice to play sport for fun or to develop your skills in a particular area.

R.I.S.E – Youth Club
The youth club offers a variety of activities each week including sports, cooking, crafts, and wellbeing. The sessions focus on personal development in a relaxed, social environment where the young people get to choose which activities they take part in and shape the youth club they experience

R.I.S.E – Fit & Fed
A chance to get active and try a variety of sports and fitness activities. Sports on offer include football, basketball, tennis, dodgeball. The sessions can focus on skills development or simply having fun playing a game of football – your voice makes a difference to the programme! Fit & Fed sessions also have the added bonus of providing you with a snack/meal to keep those energy levels up and help you to achieve your goals.

R.I.S.E – Boxfit
Boxfit is an exciting opportunity to try out and learn the key skills of boxing, with an added fitness bonus. Led by our qualified coaches and young leaders, this session focuses on building important skills such as self-confidence, whilst teaching participants key aspects of self-defense and promoting fitness.

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