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She Wins is a project targeted at girls aged between 8- 16 and is specifically focused on increasing their confidence, self esteem and well-being, connecting them to wider provision and networks available to them. The project uses fun, dynamic, safe and interactive activities to increase the health, wellbeing, confidence and self esteem of girls, to help them overcome barriers and connect them to wider provision, using Healthy Eating and Cookery, Mindfulness, Creative Arts, and sports as engagement tools.


Aimed towards those who are vulnerable to criminal networks and work. We meet individuals at their local youth centres in Canley, Spon End and Tile Hill and assess their needs, concerns and also what opportunities they would like to see within their respective areas. We aim to reduce crime and violence among young people and improve social cohesion within these three areas.

All participants have the opportunity to talk to a mentor in one-one hours to discuss personal issues and concerns. Networx includes a range of activities, from sports, music and arts and crafts, and will further involve working with participants to build a 6-month programme that enhances their self-development and gives them the opportunities they deserve. Alongside personal aims and objectives, we want to improve the physical and mental well-being of participants and also raise their performances at school. As a result, this program will involve contacting schools on a monthly basis and assessing the impacts of our programme on their behaviour and grade attainment in core subjects.

Sport In The Park

We look to engage young people using a variety of sports to bring them together on Multi Use Games Areas or community centres near them. There are a range of sport activities available and we always take recommendations on new activities from the young people we work with. The aim of going into these communities and delivering is that young people are able to access provision in their own communities and are with people they know. They are not reliant on parents to transport them or use public transport or need money to access provision. We know from the work we have already undertaken these are some of the biggest barriers young people face in wanting to access activities.

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