“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

– Michael Jordan

Operations Director

With a degree in Early Childhood
Education and 7 years experience
working in the Sports and Recreation
industry, Alisha is passionate about  working with young people and
supporting communities.

As a Director, she runs our day to day
operations and helps to make sure our sessions are as fun and engaging
as possible.

Project Lead
– Coaching & Mentoring

Using her degree in Psychology and starting out 4 years ago in our Sports sessions, Chloe now works in Coaching & Mentoring.

Mental Health and Wellbeing are a
particular focus and she hopes to help youth people develop their skills through projects and become more resilient.

Managing Director

Project Lead
– Youth & Community

After working for YMCA and Aptitude, Marlon has been with us for the past three years.

He joined us after seeing the
positive effect Empowr-U had on the young people in the local community.

He also has experience working in a Young Offenders Institute and as a teacher in a specialised school.

Project Lead
– Coaching & Mentoring

Starting in December 2020, Charlotte is now overseeing the NEET LifeGoals youth employability programme as well as our YEF-funded Mentoring and Sports for LifeSkills projects.

She is excited to see her personal and professional skills grow whilst making a positive and meaningful impact in the community.

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